Kate, 21, ISTP · I am a demanding creature. I am selfish and cruel and extremely unreasonable. But I am your servant. When you starve, I will feed you; when you are sick, I will tend you. I crawl at your feet; for before your love, your kisses, I am debased. For you alone I will be weak · · @mmorevna

Leighton Meester by Sofia Coppola (x)

You take the things you love
and tear them apart,
or you pin them down with your body
and pretend they’re yours.

— Richard Siken, from “A Primer for Small Weird Loves”


Hercules (1997)

I am fearfully and wonderfully made


a playlist to help those of us suffering from academia-induced meltdowns transition into lazy summer days.. (LISTEN)

001. maya jane coles ft. karin park - everything, 002. layla - smokestacks, 003. lana del rey - west coast, 004. the black keys - 10 lovers, 005. crystal castles - suffocation, 006. chvrches - the mother we share, 007. arcade fire - porno, 008. no ceremony// - partofme, 009. phantogram - black out days, 010. lorde - buzzcut season, 011. broken bells - holding on for life, 012. lykke li - never gonna love again, 013. daughter - get lucky (daft punk cover), 014. arctic monkeys - one for the road, 015. farah ft. suhayla - metal & dust (london grammar cover), 016. foals - late night, 017. metric - synthetica


BOTICA Lingerie Powder Collection by Andrea Pimentel & Yulia Yadryshnikova

Ph. Lourdes Cabrera

I think about dying but I don’t want to die, not even close. In fact my problem is the complete opposite. I want to live, I want to escape. I feel trapped and bored and claustrophobic, theres so much to see and so much to do but I somehow still find myself doing nothing at all. I’m wasting every second, even now i’m writing this when I should be out there, I should be living. I’m still here in this metaphorical bubble of existence and I can’t quite figure out what the hell i’m doing or how to get out.

Always keep your foes confused. If they are never certain who you are or what you want, they cannot know what you are like to do next. Sometimes the best way to baffle them is to make moves that have no purpose, or even seem to work against you. Remember that, Sansa, when you come to play the game.